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aher (ash-er') p/r.
1. who, which, what, that
2. (as adverb) when, where, how
3. (as conjunction) because, in order that, etc
[a primitive relative pronoun (of every gender and number)]
KJV: X after, X alike, as (soon as), because, X every, for, + forasmuch, + from whence, + how(-soever), X if, (so) that ((thing) which, wherein), X though, + until, + whatsoever, when, where (+ -as, -in, -of, -on, -soever, -with), which, whilst, + whither(- soever), who(-m, -soever, -se). As it is indeclinable, it is often accompanied by the personal pronoun expletively, used to show the connection.